What is next?

Thanksgiving was a success. Our guests all seemed happy. The food was awesome. Gavin had a blast. Liquor was consumed. The house was clean and filled with the wonderful smell of turkey and stuffing and pies and all kinds of wonderful food.

Tomorrow is Holly’s birthday. We both managed to get the whole day off. We will probably spend much of it shopping for boots and interview outfits. At 7 we are going to an RSCDS party in which we will also celebrate Holly’s birthday.

I am very excited about all things coming up this month. Of course we had Thanksgiving and tomorrow is Holly’s birthday. Then is Gavin’s birthday. There is also Christmas and Holly’s graduation. Then there is going to be a celebration when Holly gets a job, which ought to be within the next few weeks. It is just exciting. Lots of food, drinks, presents, surprises and beginnings. What is next for us?

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