26 years

Oh yesterday was a blissful day. I spent the whole day with Holly from beginning to end for the first time in a very long time. I tried my best to spoil her rotten. I took her out to the “Koa House” for breakfast. They have only the best pancakes ever. But Holly got her favorite breakfast, like I knew she would, which was Eggs Benedict Florentine. Then afterwards I took her shopping at Ala Moana Mall to spend the Gift Card that her mother bought her for her birthday. She bought a lovely pair of interview pants and some shirts. Then I bought her a pair of kick-ass boots so she can ride the motorcycle with style. They are also nice because they can be worn with her interview clothes if she so desires. For lunch we had some Thai food in the food court. So delicious. Back and forth from store to store. We enjoyed it very much. Eventually we headed back home with a sleeping baby around 2pm or so. We then spent the mid afternoon sucking down some of the leftover Thanksgiving liquor. What? Doesn’t everyone have leftover Thanksgiving liquor? Anyway. After getting reasonably tipsy, we hiked up to the store to buy some peppermint sticks to garnish Holly’s birthday cake with. After licking the frosting bowl clean, I made Holly open her 3rd birthday present (Present 1 was a leather jacket and present 2 was a pair of boots). Present #3 was Bridget Jones’ Diaries, the first and second one. Inside one of the covers was yet another gift card for her to spend on clothes. The next few hours were spent on mindless television that Holly picked out. Later in the evening we grabbed the cake, liquor and our dance shoes and headed out to an RSCDS party. For the most part it was a good party. And why wouldn’t it be? We brought liquor. At the party everyone toasted Holly and her 26th birthday along with her list of accomplishment’s. After the party we carried our exhausted bodies home and plopped them in bed only to awake to a normal day of work and chores. Ahhh. Life is good.