Where do we stand now?

I last posted just after Holly’s 26th birthday. On that day we celebrated and discussed all the things she accomplished that year. Now, just a few days later she is starting her list for her 27th birthday. After many resumes, phone calls and interviews, Holly got offered her first job at a place here in Hawaii. This was such a relief. She will definitely have a job. Things will be easier. We were very excited. Of course, as excited as I was, I was half hoping she would have got an out-of-state job. Ironically, while she was at her interview, she received a phone call from a place in Washington looking for another interview with her. This caused quite a stir. She now has a second interview with Washington. The problem here is this. Holly would have to make a decision (if offered both jobs) to either make me happy, or to make her mom happy. Do we move to Washington (me happy) or stay here (her mom happy)? I am quite ready to move out of Hawaii. I am quite ready to have our own life. To buy our own house. To have another baby. To have steady jobs. To move on. And I just don’t see any of that happening while we stay in Hawaii. But of course leaving Hawaii means leaving Mary all alone. She has not finished her degree yet, and it will be another year or two until she does. It also would mean separating Gavin and Granny. So it’s a dilemma. One which was solved over night. We reviewed the contract that Holly received and decided that it was not a wonderful proposal. Not bad mind you, but there are a few aspects we could certainly imagine being better. Now the decision was a little bit harder for Holly because the job here in Hawaii might not actually be the best one. Anyway, to make this a bit shorter, she contacted the Washington people and they told her that if she does well during her next interview, what will happen is that they will put her in their job pool. When this happens, she has basically been offered a job. Then she would have to fly to Washington to meet them and all kinds of stuff. Once she has done that (which could take months), then she can work there. So the decision was this (which makes everyone happy). She will take the job in Honolulu. She will continue on pursuing the job in Washington. If all goes well and she is entered into the pool, she will follow through to go to Washington and meet the people and see the town and take whatever tests or exams or whatever they require of her until she is eligible to start work there. We are told this process can take months. Which is fine because at this point we won’t be ready to move until summer. So as of now, Holly will work in Honolulu until the Washington job comes through. Then she will quit her job here (she is allowed according to the contract) and take the Washington job. And that is where we stand now. Of course none of this will happen if they don’t put her in the pool, but I am confident. And optimistic.