Another Hair Cut

As we were needing to get out of the house a few nights ago, me,
Holly and Gavin headed out to the mall. We were looking for a present
for Mary’s birthday which is coming up soon. When we get there Holly
says to me, “So if you want, while I’m looking for my mom’s present,
I’ll give you $20 and you can go get a haircut or something.” So
naturally, I ask her, “What? Are you trying to get rid of me? You
want me to get a haircut?” lol. The previous day, I had gone out to
help someone do some landscaping and yard cleaning and what not. It
was super hot out and my poofy hair was immensly annoying.

So with Holly’s suggestion, we found the cheapest hair salon and went
in to get my hair cut off. She seemed to know what she was talking
about, but when she asked me if it was ok, I found myself saying,
“just a bit shorter”. Now here I am with short hair again.

Ahhh, that feels good.