The Water Park

Yesterday was Chris’s birthday. Chris is technically Holly’s cousin. He just turned 4 years old, so we just call him Gavin’s cousin. Anyway. For his birthday Beth wanted to take Chris to the water park. She invited us all to go. Holly could not go because she had to work, and I almost didn’t go because of work. But I played hookie and went to the park. It was loads of fun. Gavin and Chris spent most of the time in the kids area where the water never exceeded 4 feet and was as low as 1 foot. There were actually two kids pools. One was for little little kids and had slides and fountains and all kinds of stuff in only 2 feet of water. They loved it. We let them roam around and do whatever they wanted. They got to go down slides and splash and play with other kids or whatever they wanted. They had so much fun. We also took them to the little big kids area which had bigger slides and deeper water. We took them down the pink slide and the big green slide. There were also real small slides just to get from one area to the next that Gavin loved. It was great for the kids. And us adults took turns going on the grown up rides like the Lava Flow. What fun it was. We even took the kids to the wave pool. Oh what fun. We arrived there at around 10:00 right when they opened and left at 4 right when they closed. 5 hours of watery goodness. Check out some of our pictures of the fun.