Another Volcano Joe’s

On Monday, Holly, Gavin and I went to Volcano Joe’s again. I actually wasn’t going to so I can work, but Mary started her class that day and went off without her purse. So we ended up going just so we can give Mary her purse. I am so glad Mary forgot her purse, because this was a really great Volcano Joe’s night. Holly and I took turns romping with Gavin outside on the grass for a bit. When they finally called me up, I was outside with Gavin, so I rushed in to set up my gear. I had decided ahead of time that I was going to make this an all “Naked Mike” night. So when I got up, I announced that I was going to play original songs from a band formerly known as “‘Licious Beer”, now changed to “Naked Mike”. Apparently using the words “naked” and “beer” in the same sentence is a good way to get a crowds attention. Following the announcement, I played a few songs. When I was done people told me how they loved the songs and what not. Then I realized after one guy told me, “Yeah! Right on. Way to Rock.” that I was really the only one at Volcano Joe’s that plays rock music. Then a guy approached me and asked me how much it would cost (“for a guitar like that” is what I thought he was going to say) to get me a shirt like that. It just so happened (not by coincidence) that I was wearing a “Naked Mike” t-shirt. I paused for a second and said “$15. But I only have them in black and XL”. He whipped out $20 and told me to keep the change. So next week I will bring him a “Naked Mike” shirt. Talk about making my day. Unbelievable.

So with that said, I want it to be know that things are awesome. I have absolutely been happy with everything. I have had more time with my family. We have been going to the beach, the mall, b-day parties, seeing movies, hanging out at home, doing fun things like painting shelves for the kitchen, playing choo-choo, and all kinds of stuff. It’s great. Our vacation to NY and Lake George is coming up in August and I just can’t wait for it. A whole two week vacation. I will get to see my family and friends and spend time at Lake George and get to meet a new member our the family. It will be so great.