Mother’s Day – success or failure?

The day started off (for me) at around 8:30 am. Unfortunately Holly’s day started at 5 am. She cleaned the kitchen and made cinnamon rolls and mini blueberry muffins. So right off the bat, I’m behind. When the grown up arrived with egg beaters, I made some scrambles eggs and canadian bacon for breakfast. After breakfast, I had wanted to take Holly out to the mall and buy her stuff. Clothes, bathing suit, toys, whatever she wanted. Little did I know that Mother-in-Law wanted to go to boyfriends house and paint. Usually this would not have anything to do with us, but she didn’t say anything and then when we were about to walk out the door, we get dragged back it and blamed for not getting the cats it. They were missing and no where to be found. And it was our fault. So now she guilt trips and what not until she makes it clear that she doesn’t want us to go out so we can wait for the cats and she can go paint. Arg. So Holly and Gavin and I closed up our car and went back inside. When all was settled, Mother-in-Law’s boyfriend mentioned that they can wait for the cats. Her paints are all set up and she can go over and paint anytime. So they stayed and we went. I drove over to the mall under a mask of frustration with someone. I shook it off before we got to the mall. I told Holly that she could buy whatever she wanted. If she wanted an expensive bathing suit or some pants or a nice shirt or whatever, that I would get it for her. Although, she had to buy a bathing suit. Other wise, she would not be able to swim at the beach after the mall. She ended up picking a beautiful bikini bathing suit which she wore and looked great in. We were at the beach for 3 hours or so. Holly spent most of the time sunbathing while I played in the water with Gavin. And when we were ready to head home, Holly was a shade darker. Gavin slept most of the way home. Which was good, because that was his only nap of the day. When we got home, we had just enough time to shower and get cleaned up before getting picked up to go to Buzz’s Steakhouse for dinner. I made reservations a few weeks ago. As you can imagine, there was a beautiful menu of Ribs, Prime Rib, Ahi, Crab, and various other fishes and steaks. I of course ordered a prime rib. Holly ordered a stuffed Ahi entree. Gavin ate some white rice and ahi. The salad bar was super yummy. It was a wonderful, delicious dinner. Upon arriving home from dinner at 8 pm, Holly took Gavin up for bed. Gavin did not go to bed until 10pm. And although Holly was extremely tired and sick, neither did she. Meanwhile, I was downstairs trying to do a little work since a few hours would be taken from me later. So that was our day. Holly didn’t get breakfast made for her, flowers given to her, dishes washed for her, or laundry done for her. She did get to go shopping and to the beach and taken out for a beautiful dinner. And was told repeatedly how much I loved her and how beautiful and amazing she was. So how successful was mother’s day? I’m not sure, but I’d like to think that it was a good one.