Lets go fly a kite

Over last weekend, I took Gavin to a nearby park to fly the kite he got me for Christmas. It’s a really cool dragon kite. He was so excited. We had such a good time. We ran all over and played and flew the kite like pros. Well, maybe not like pros, but it sure was fun. And Gavin was so happy. Lots of smiles and laughs.

01-06-07_1713.jpg 01-06-07_1708.jpg

Then afterwards, we played on the playground.
12-30-06_1426.jpg 12-30-06_1417.jpg

And naturally after the playground, I took him to eat dinner. We were both hungry. He asked me for meat and rice and eggs. So we headed to L&L to get a loco moco. Oh yeah. That’s the stuff. What a nice day.