Poor Poor Po

Holly is in CA. She managed to sign her paperwork and get hired. She also visited some preschools in the area and got information on them. She also managed to get an apartment. It is right next to the library where Holly will be working. It’s a one bedroom. And she says that they are not lacking in apartments and I should have no problem getting one there. So that’s good. I went online today and booked our tickets. Only $130/person. Sweet. So we fly out Feb 2nd in the morning. That is only 16 days away. Holy crap. Friday night is the beginning of my moving sale. I am having a moving party. I invited all my friends and more over for a party. During that party, they can make me an offer on anything in the house other than the select things I set asside. Then on the weekend, I am having a normal moving sale that I am advertising in the paper. Must sell stuff. I also have to get paperwork together to be able to ship the car. Things are going relatively smoothly I think.

With that said. This morning was the appointment to bring Po (forementioned cat) to get spayed. Going by the dr’s orders, we locked Po up in our bedroom over night so that she can not eat anything prior to the operation. She woke me up at 1 am purring and scratching and meowing and all that. She kept me awake until about 4 am or so. Darn cat. But finally we woke up and got everything ready to go. Gavin’s lunch got made. Gavin was dressed and ate breakfast. Things were going well. We put Po in the carrier, Gavin grabbed his lunch and blanket and we set off. Po fussed in the car all the way to the preschool. I dropped off Gavin and headed to the vet. We arrived early. “We have a reservation for Po. I’m a bit early.” She looked through her records. Flipped pages. Scrolled on the computer. “What is the phone number?” ……..”Wow, you are early. Your appointment is for next Wed.” Doh! So we’ll try again next Wed. Poor Po. Poor Poor Po.