Taking the move

Well, as you noticed, there haven’t been many posts. I was having all sorts of problems with blogger since they changed. But I’m on my own server now and no longer rely on blogger (P.S. please update your links to the RSS feed). Oh yeah. So anyway. Holly leaves in 4 days to sign paperwork in Bakersfield. She will be gone more-or-less until the 24th. That doesn’t leave a lot of time. I’ll be buying plane tickets the day she signs the contract, which should be on the 16th. We have to make a reservation to ship the car. We have to sell stuff. Pack stuff. All kinds of stuff. It’s exciting, but it’s a bit nerve wrecking. Should be fun. So on Feb 2nd, we should be in Bakersfield. Holly will be looking at an apt when she goes next week. I’ll look when I get there. It’s exciting. Although I will miss Hawaii. But I checked things out and we will be an hour from Disneyland. 4 hours from Las Vegas. A few hours from San Francisco. An hour or so from wine country. An hour from Gordon Biersch. An hour from LA. Wow. There is snow skiing to the north. I will buy a new motorcycle when I get more settled and have a few bucks. I’ll ride up and down CA. I’ll take Holly and Gavin skiing. It will be fun and exciting. For spring break a few of my friends from here in Hawaii might meet me at Las Vegas. How cool would that be? But first, we have to get there. We have lots to do.